According to NBC News, the number of virus deaths in the country has already crossed 200,000. Meanwhile, winter is approaching with a farewell to summer; In the United States, it is known as ‘flu season’. Combining the upcoming flu season with the iconic status, experts have dubbed it the upcoming twindemic situation ‘.

Johns Hopkins University said in a press release before a conference on Tuesday that while about 30 million people have been infected with coronovirus in the rest of the world, including the United States, we have already lost about one million people. He suggested tackling the crisis through vaccination.

However, the flu vaccine will do nothing to prevent the Kovid-19 infection. Only influenza outbreaks will be prevented. The most dangerous thing, doctors say, is the Kovid-19 and flu symptoms are almost the same. It is very difficult to tell what happened after seeing the symptoms in the patient’s body.

According to infectious disease experts, people do not know what the disease is. Common symptoms of both diseases are fever, runny nose, chills and difficulty in breathing. However, the difference is that the smell, taste, goes away. But not all corona sufferers show signs of relapses. Again, in the flu, the nose is closed due to cold and the taste of the tongue is gone! Therefore, the disease is very difficult to diagnose until the corona test report is available. Again, experts are not ruling out the possibility of the flu and Kovid-19, two diseases occurring simultaneously.

US President Donald Trump has previously stated that he will bring the vaccine to market before the November 3 presidential election, despite objections from the drug administration. However, Atlantic magazine warns, “The hard reality is that we need to plan for winter so that vaccines do not become an essential part of our lives.”

Of course Corona is relatively easy to deal with influenza. Symptoms appear faster within one to four days when infected with influenza virus than in Kovid. If the disease is caught early, rapid treatment is possible. In addition, a flu-infected person may become infected before symptoms appear. Infection does not occur thereafter. If not, symptoms may appear after two weeks. Again, 10 days after the onset of symptoms, the patient may become infected. This means that Kovid-19 is a more contagious disease.

The United States’ top infectious disease specialist, Anthony Fawcett, told Atlantic magazine in an email that if we could not keep daily infections below 10,000 in the winter, we would face a difficult situation.

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