Twitter missed another warning for Trump’s posting

Casting two votes in elections is a criminal offense in the United States. On the internet, US President Trump is still calling on his supporters to vote twice. Twitter and Co. don’t want to leave it that way.

Twitter has again posted a warning on a message from US President Donald Trump, which could be taken as an encouragement to vote twice in the November election. The tweet violated guidelines to preserve the integrity of the election, the company said Saturday.

Trump’s tweet was addressed to citizens of the state of North Carolina. The president encouraged voters by mail to go to the polling station on polling day to make sure their own votes were counted correctly. In the event of a problem, citizens must then vote again on the spot so that no vote is lost, he wrote.

Facebook: Post voting is reliable

Twitter pointed out that it is illegal to vote twice in North Carolina. Trump also posted his message on Facebook. Facebook provided the message with the note that postal voting was considered reliable in the past and that no other forecasts were available this year.

Trump repeatedly criticizes postal voting as particularly susceptible to fraud, but without providing evidence. Late last month, the Republican had already encouraged postal voters to try to vote at the polling station in November, sparking a scandal. Read more about it here.

In view of the corona pandemic, Democrats around presidential candidate Joe Biden are calling for as many Americans as possible to vote by mail. Trump’s negative stance may also have to do with polls showing that Democratic supporters are more likely to vote by mail. According to a poll by the Pew Institute in late August, 58 percent of voters who want to vote for Biden would prefer postal voting. This only applies to 19 percent of voters who want to vote for Trump.

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