Two influential US ministers are scheduled to visit India next week. He is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Asper. Mark Asper confirmed the visit in a speech to the Atlantic Council on Tuesday.

The Pentagon said the visit was part of a “stronger” relationship between Russian and Chinese influence between the United States and its allies.

Asper also commented that India has to deal with Chinese aggression all the time. He said that Delhi will be the most important partner of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region in this century.

The news of the visit of two influential US ministers to India comes at a time when China issued a warning to Delhi on the Taiwan issue. Beijing is also angry over India’s announcement of an upcoming joint naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal with the United States, Japan and Australia.

Note that President Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden disagree on almost every issue. One of the exceptions here is his policy towards India. Former Delhi diplomats say that India will have a place in US foreign policy; Both major parties agree on this.

Nilam Dev has served as an Indian diplomat for two terms in the United States. He said, Republicans and Democrats in the United States; India’s policy is the same for both major parties. All US presidents have visited India since President Clinton. President Obama has visited India twice. Therefore, whichever party is in power, United States relations with India have improved under the president of that party. ‘

As a result, no matter the candidate of any party in the White House race, it seems that even after the election, Washington will favor Delhi to overcome India’s deadlock with China. In this context, the visit of two influential US ministers to the US appears important for the US elections. Source: Hindustan Times

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