On the night of Sunday, Donald Trump reported again with a video message from the hospital. The White House has also published two new photos. However, they raise questions.

The White House released two photos of US President Donald Trump late Saturday night, on which he was working from the hospital. The photos show Trump working on documents: once in a suit without a tie, sitting at a round desk showing files, once in a white shirt at the head of a long conference table, flipping through documents.

The photos should apparently confirm the statements of Trump’s personal physician, Sean Conley. He had stated before publication that Trump worked on Saturdays and moved through his hospital quarters without any problems.

As journalist Jon Ostrower writes on Twitter, the two different motifs are said to be created within ten minutes. The White House published the images through the Associated Press news agency. “The photos released tonight by the WH of Walter Reed’s president were separated ten minutes apart Saturday at 5:25:59 PM and 5:35:40 PM ET Saturday,” Ostrower wrote. The camera stores additional information in this data, such as the time of recording or the equipment used.

Users on Twitter think they see more details. For example, reporter Andrew Feinberg writes that if you zoom in, you can see Trump writing his name only on a white piece of paper.

In one of the two photos, the president appears to be seated at the same desk from which he previously posted a video message. In it, Trump had said, “When I got here, I didn’t feel very well. Now I feel a lot better.” His voice was a little thick and he seemed a little short of breath. In the coming days “the real test,” Trump said, but added, “I think I’ll be back soon.”

Donald Trump: The US president is in a room in the clinic where he is being treated. (Source: Joyce N. Boghosian / The White House / AP / dpa)

Trump (74) flew by helicopter to Walter Reed military hospital north of Washington on Friday night because of a coronavirus infection. Office space is also part of his neighborhood.

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