UAE and Israel will have intelligence bases in Yemen

The United Arab Emirates and Israel are working on a plan to establish an intelligence base on an island in Yemen. A report by the official Jewish and French-speaking website Jefforum stated that an intelligence base could be established on the Yamani island of Suchitra. Middle East Monitor reports.

In August, the UAE signed an American-Brocade Agreement to normalize relations with Israel. As a result of the agreement, the United Arab Emirates was the first state to normalize relations with Israel with Gulf countries.

The report said that the proposed intelligence base would be located 350 kilometers south of Yemen in the Arabian Sea. For this, Israel and the UAE are collecting all the necessary information. The island is under the control of the United Arab Emirates.

Recently, Israeli and Imrati intelligence delegations visited the island and searched various sites to build a planned intelligence base.

Meanwhile, air contacts between the United Arab Emirates and Israel are beginning for the first time since the agreement to normalize relations. The first commercial flight between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi starts from Monday. Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and advisor of US President Donald Trump, will be present during the historic meeting.

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