UAE is the world’s first nuclear power plant

The United Arab Emirates has begun work on the world’s first nuclear power plant. The power plant is located on the Gulf Coast east of Qatar. Nuclear fusion has begun in one of the four reactors at the Barak plant using South Korean technology. The BBC reported this on Saturday.

The activities of this nuclear power plant were scheduled to begin in 2016. But many times fall behind on various security issues. The oil-rich UAE seeks to ensure one-fourth of the country’s total demand from the Barakah power plant.

A week earlier, the United Arab Emirates sent a spacecraft to Mars. It was the first large-scale scientific expedition to the Gulf countries.

The country is also investing heavily in solar energy. Many energy experts are questioning the justification of the Barak nuclear plant. Solar energy, they say, is environmentally friendly, cheaper and more compatible with areas prone to politics and terrorism.

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