French President Emmanuel Macron has apparently softened his tone in the face of strong reactions in the Muslim world by announcing the continuation of the Caricature of the Prophet (PBUH) in France. He says that he understands how Muslims may feel when cartoons are insulting the Prophet. He spoke in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera. The interview aired in the Arabic version of Al Jazeera on Saturday.

The French president said: “There was no government project or initiative in France to show cartoons. It was the work of a private independent and independent newspaper. Newspapers are not loyal to the government. I can understand when they make cartoons So how can Muslims feel and insult the Prophet (peace be upon him). I respect his feelings. But you should understand what my role is at the moment. ‘

Emanuel Macron said that there are two things right now. Promoting peace and protecting these rights. I will always protect the freedom of speaking, writing, thinking and drawing in my country. However, Macron also claimed that he did not support the cartoon drawing of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

The French president said that his government had insisted that it would not support the caricature. However, his words were distorted and people felt that he too supported these activities.

Emanuel Macron said that he was trying to fight “extremist Islam”, which was a threat to all people, especially Muslims.

He said that Muslims are most affected by the behavior of those who distort Islam.

“There are few people in the world today who distort Islam,” he said. Killed and slaughtered in the name of his religion. Some extremists and organizations are creating violence in the name of Islam. Of course this is a problem for Islam. Because, Muslims are the main victims. More than 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims. This is a problem for all of us.

France has been mired in controversies since the murder of a history teacher by a Muslim extremist over a caricature of Prophet Muhammad. After that incident, the country’s security forces conducted terrible raids in at least 50 mosques and Muslim areas. President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to continue publishing the caricature of Prophet Mohammed. His announcement provoked a strong reaction in the Muslim world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Macron needed mental treatment for such an attitude towards Islam. Muslim countries are calling for a boycott of French goods. In view of the far-reaching effects of the boycott during the current Corona epidemic, Paris called on Arab countries to stop boycott of goods. In an interview with Al Jazeera, the French president appeared somewhat resilient amid widespread resentment in the Muslim world over the issue.

Meanwhile, French President Fran├žois Hollande has called on Islam not to associate with terrorists. He made this remark in an interview with French broadcaster LCI Television on Friday.

Olad condemned the recent knife attack on a church in the city of Nees. “These Islamic terrorists want to start a war between the two religions,” he said. Do not confuse these terrorists with Muslims. Such a mistake will lead us to confrontation; We do not want to get involved. “Source: Al Jazeera, Daily Sabah.

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