Unilever is pushing for fossil fuels in cleaning materials

The UK multinational Unilever has decided to push for fossil fuels in cleaning materials. The company has announced an investment of one billion euros by 2030 to curb the use of fossil fuels in cleaning materials. The announcement was made on Wednesday by the company.

According to Unilever, measures have been taken to reduce carbon emissions from chemicals used in the manufacture of cleaning products.

The one billion euros invested to curb the use of fossil fuels will be spent mainly on research on biotechnology development.

Some cleaning brands of Unilever in the Western world market have stated that they will use materials made from marine sources such as plants and other biological sources, algae and waste materials, instead of petrochemicals.

Initially fossil fuel usage will reduce by one-fifth. And by 2039, the company wants to reduce carbon emissions to zero through its own products.

According to Reuters, Unilever produces around 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year worldwide.

The current Corona epidemic has led to a huge increase in demand for various products from this parent company, such as Dave Soap and Nor Soup.

Peter Ter Kalwe, president of Unilever Home Care, said people want more affordable sustainable products that are as standard as traditional products.

Unilever ranks in the top seven of 162 majors rated for environmentally friendly roles in three categories of climate change, water and forestry. Source: Reuters

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