During the early months of the corona pandemic, the CDU and CSU achieved higher approval rates than they have for a long time – but now they are losing again. The AfD has also lost percentage points.

After the good polls in May, the Union continues to lose the favor of the voters. In the “Sunday trend” of “Bild am Sonntag”, the CDU and CSU together now reach 34 percent. That is one percentage point less than in the previous week.

The union last received less approval in this survey in the first week of April, when the two sides together came in at 33 percent. The CDU and CSU had the best values ​​so far in the current year at the end of May at a combined 40 percent.

For the Greens, this was now 2 percentage points to 20 percent. The Social Democrats are also doing slightly better than last week with 17 percent (plus 1 percentage point). The AfD lost 2 percentage points over the same period and is now at 9 percent, the Left and FDP are down slightly to 8 and 5 percent, respectively.

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