Union wants to strengthen the protection of the constitution and the BKA

So that extremists can be fought more effectively: According to a report, the Union wants to expand the powers of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and strengthen the federal criminal investigation department.

The CDU and CSU in the Bundestag want to give the protection of the constitution more powers in the fight against extremism. This is evidenced by a motion for a resolution for the closed meeting of the board of directors of the CDU / CSU group, which is at the disposal of the “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung”.

“Extremists want to eliminate our basic liberal order, they don’t shy away from violence. We want to use the full rigor of our rule of law to expose them early on,” the paper said. If they were to commit crimes, the state must also consistently engage them.

The federal government must now quickly submit the planned new bill to strengthen the protection of the constitution, demands the parliamentary group of the Union. The protection of the constitution must be given more powers. “In particular, we need to put our security authorities in a better position to identify and locate digitally communicating extremists and perpetrators at an early stage,” the paper said. In addition, the federal criminal investigation department needs to be strengthened to increase the prosecution pressure in the fight against extremists, organized crime and drug-related crime.

Only last weekend had the debate about extremism in Germany sparked: protesters against the state’s corona policy broke through a cordon on the Reichstag building in Berlin on Saturday evening and walked up the Reichstag stairs. Only three police officers were on the scene, pushing people back. The officers also used pepper spray, there was a scuffle. There had previously been a meeting at the Reichstag building, showing the black, white and red Reich flags used by “Reichsburgs” and right-wing extremists.

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