Scientists have found nickel in milk samples collected from an area in India where about 600 people were hospitalized a week ago for an unknown disease. Scientists at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said that the detection of nickel in milk samples is worrying. He also mentions it as a warning. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

Last week, a mysterious illness occurred in the city of Elluru in Andhra Pradesh. About 600 residents of the city were hospitalized with similar symptoms. Symptoms include cramps, tremor and dizziness. At least three of them died. State health officials are concerned about the case.

“It is terrible, after testing by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences found nickel in milk samples from the area. However, scientists are still unsure how the nickel-like metal was found in the milk,” said Medical Superintendent Avar Mohan of Iluru District Hospital. There is a possibility that it may have arrived through an insecticide. Avar Mohan said, “Perhaps it was grass or something that cattle ate that could reach the nickel milk.”

Last week, health experts said an excess of lead and nickel were found in the blood of patients suffering from unknown disease. Authorities are trying to locate the source.

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