Ramos recently celebrated his 100th goal for Real. The captain is characterized by an unstoppable will. But sometimes it continues with the central defender. Like now against Inter Milan.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos seriously insulted former Dortmund Achraf Hakimi in the Champions League match against Inter Milan. The Spaniard would have shouted in German, “Get up, motherfucker, get up”: “Get up, motherfucker, get up.” Ramos was annoyed with the former BVB player when he went under after an alleged foul.

Hakimi ran past Casemiro in the penalty area of ​​Madrid when Casemiro raised his right leg towards the ball. The Inter player fell on it and doubled over to the ground in alleged pain. Sergio Ramos apparently thought this was acting and tried to get his former teammate off the floor.

The real star was insulting to Hakimi too. The referee team also did not judge the scene as a violation and play continued. Madrid defeated Inter Milan 3-2 in the Champions League group match.

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