US adjust affected products list

The tariff dispute between the US and the EU continues: British biscuits and Greek cheese no longer apply – the US now imposes fines on spreads from Germany and France.

Following an evaluation, the US government has revised its list of criminal charges for imports from the EU. Instead of some products from Greece and Great Britain, goods from Germany and France are moving, as the US trade representative announced on Wednesday. Punitive tariffs for $ 7.5 billion goods will remain, and tariffs will remain unchanged. The changes were moderate, it said.

Fruit jams from Germany and France would be affected by the measures from September 1, but penalties will apply to Greek cheese and British biscuits.

Airbus ruling is the basis for fares

The punitive rates are based on a WTO ruling due to years of illegal subsidies for aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Accordingly, the US government has the right to allow punitive tariffs of up to 100 percent on goods worth $ 7.5 billion.

For this reason, the US had already issued punitive levies of 25 percent on many products from Europe last October. This concerned, for example, wine from Germany and France, Parmesan cheese from Italy and olive oil from Spain. In addition, a special tax of 15 percent applies to aircraft imports.

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