Iran and Russia have received information from voters about the November 3 US presidential election. US National Intelligence Agency director John Ratcliffe made this remark at a press conference just 13 days before the election.

Officials say Tehran is sending threatening emails to voters supporting Democrat candidate Joe Biden. John Ratcliffe said the e-mails were sent from a group of hardline Trump supporters. They have been sent for the purpose of ‘provoking unrest’.

US officials have long feared that foreign agencies may interfere in the conduct of the election and spread misinformation about the election. Therefore, such statements of intelligence agencies seem important before taking votes.

Ratcliffe said a “spoof email” sent by Iran was used to “intimidate voters, spark chaos and tarnish President Trump’s reputation” using the name of Trump’s fanatical pro-boy group, the Proud Boys.

Ratcliffe believes voter information can be used to spread “fake information to registered voters” in an effort to “spread confusion, chaos in democracy, and reduce confidence in American democracy.”

According to the director of the US National Intelligence Agency, Russia and Iran have some voter information. But intelligence officials have not yet seen Russia behaving like Iran, Radcliffe said.

Christopher Ray, the director of the FBI, accompanied Ratcliffe to the news conference. However, Christopher Ray claims that the US election system is still safe.

How voter information is leaking or what Russian officials are doing with that information; Intelligence officials did not provide details about that.

Earlier, during the 2016 election, US intelligence agencies reported that Kremlin-backed hackers tried to disrupt Hillary Clinton’s election campaign by launching cyber attacks and spreading false information on social media.

However, Iran has not yet successfully hacked the US system. Recently sent suspicious e-mails have been sent to Democrat voters in several states. In those fairs, he has been asked to vote for Trump.

Threatened in the mail, you will vote Trump on election day, otherwise we will find you. Support Republicans by changing the upper end so we know you got our message. ‘

As of Wednesday, 40 million Americans had already voted in the presidential election. Source: BBC

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