US Attorney General William Burr appointed by Donald Trump has ordered an investigation into allegations of irregularities in the presidential election. Richard Pilzer, a senior lawyer for the judiciary, has resigned following an instruction from prosecutors. This lawyer is usually responsible for overseeing such investigations. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

President Donald Trump has refused to accept the possibility of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. He is bringing unbridled allegations of electoral irregularities. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign camp has called on the state of Pennsylvania to ban the release of official results. Trump’s spokesman said the legal battle had just begun.

In such a situation, Trump-appointed Attorney General William Burr has directed central prosecutors to investigate election irregularities. In the order, he said, if the irregularities were found to be credible and obvious, and if they were, they could affect the outcome of central elections in the states. The Attorney General states that only allegations should be investigated and speculative and speculative allegations should be avoided.

However, Richard Pilzer, a senior lawyer in the judiciary, resigned following an instruction from the Attorney General. In an email to colleagues, Pillar stated that he was resigning in response to the Attorney General’s directive. “As I become familiar with the new policy and its changes … I will definitely resign from my role,” he wrote.

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