US – Donald Trump warns of double Gulf Coast hurricane: “unprecedented”

It’s a horror scenario: within days, two hurricanes hit the mainland on the US Gulf Coast. US President Donald Trump believes this scenario is “somewhat unprecedented.”

With two hurricanes approaching, President Donald Trump has warned of significant damage to the US coast on the Gulf of Mexico. The fact that the state of Louisiana and adjacent areas are likely to be hit by two storms in a very short time this week is “somewhat unprecedented,” Trump said.

Hurricane “Marco”, approaching over the Gulf of Mexico, should hit mainland Louisiana Monday evening (local time) or turn west off the coast. Tropical storm “Laura” coming from the Caribbean should land there on Wednesday. “Both storms have the potential to gain momentum before they hit land and could cause significant damage to the Gulf Coast,” Trump told White House reporters. He approved an emergency statement for Louisiana, which made it easier to get help from the Fema Disaster Management Agency.

Storm flood warning

“Marco” brought winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and even stronger gusts, as the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Sunday. That corresponds to a hurricane of the lowest level. The NHC warned that life-threatening storm surges, flooding and extremely dangerous gusts of wind were to be expected. The area around the city of New Orleans, badly hit by the devastating hurricane “Katrina” 15 years ago, could also be affected.

Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards called on the population to make all necessary preparations to weather the storms safely for the next 72 hours. He warned that “Laura” could even become a very powerful category three hurricane.

Tropical storm “Laura” is approaching from the Caribbean

As a tropical storm in the Caribbean, “Laura” has already caused flooding and at least eight deaths in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The storm should cross the south coast of Cuba on Monday evening with wind speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour. According to the NHC, “Laura” should reach hurricane strength over the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday evening.

Tropical storms are called hurricanes in the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans. In the Atlantic, the hurricane season – from June to November – could be one of the most violent this year, according to the US climate agency NOAA.

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