The US military is worried about the November 3 presidential election. They are concerned that inconsistent Republican President Donald Trump has not promised to hand over power peacefully. Trump claims that the army is with him. Democratic candidate Joe Biden made the same demand. However, the army says it has no role in the election. But Trump has said that if he considers the election results to be fraud, he will use a 200-year-old law to bring the military down. Putting such reality aside and doing politics, a candidate’s clear and unequal victory in the US presidential election could bring relief to the Pentagon’s planners this year; Be it Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

In the months leading up to next Tuesday’s election, US military officials have been forced to consider a possible split around the election. He was also forced to recall situations such as the deployment of the National Guard on the streets during the anti-apartheid movement last June. A competitive election would allow top US generals to reassure lawmakers that they have no role in the election dispute between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Current and former military officials believe that the decisive results may reduce the risk of long-term political crisis and potential opposition. Apart from this, experts are also of the same opinion.

Claiming his overwhelming support among senior military officers, President Trump has refused to hand over power peacefully. He says that if rigged in next Tuesday’s election, he will deploy troops using the 200-year-old insurgency law and protests will start across the country after his victory. Trump told Fox News in September, “Look, it’s called rebellion.” We’re just going to put them in, and it’s very easy to do. “Biden said the military would ensure a peaceful transfer of power if Trump refused to step down after the election.

With this in mind, several Pentagon officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “The best thing for us (military) will be a big victory for anyone.” Take a sigh of relief.

A pre-election poll by Reuters / Ipsos found that Biden was around 10 percent ahead of Trump nationwide. However, the difference in the oscillating states is very small. And the results of these states will determine the final result. In 2016, Trump received his amazing victory in these states. But this year’s coronavirus epidemic has created a kind of uncertainty about when and how American citizens will vote. According to public opinion polls, the United States of America is a more prestigious institution than Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court. But this year, the military has the biggest problem with epidemics, social unrest and two presidential candidates claiming support for themselves.

President Trump named US Army Chief Mark Millie as joint chief last year. They feel that if elections are decided by ballot papers then the army will stay out of these controversies. He told National Public Radio earlier this month that “if there are any disputes, they will be properly dealt with by the courts and the US Congress.” The military has no role in determining the outcome of the US election, absolutely zero. There is no role. ‘

Trump has been regularly confronted by the military throughout his term. In addition to seeking help to secure the southern Mexican border, he said the army general would be tasked with delivering potential vaccines to combat the coronovirus epidemic. A national security expert at Duke University, Peter Favre, warned that Americans’ tendency to depend on the military in the event of a crisis may give citizens hope that they will come forward to resolve the election crisis, although this is a misconception is. “If all goes well by November 30, and if there is no idea who the president will be, the pressure on the military will continue to increase,” he said.

Considering all the apprehensions, the idea that Trump could possibly deploy members of the military to calm protests. If the Rebellion Act of 1808 becomes active, Trump will be able to walk the path of legitimate military deployment. Retired Navy Admiral Steve Abbott, who supported Biden, said the danger was that Trump could implement the coup law. And then the people in charge at the Pentagon will undoubtedly be concerned. Retired Rear Admiral Mike Smith of a top group of national security experts who supported Biden said his concern was that Trump could easily become a military figure in the post-election crisis. “The military is at great risk of being abused,” Smith said.

National Guard officials in several states said they were in regular contact with police about what to do if the security situation deteriorated. However, officials say such plans are made by the military. “We have many meetings, just because we have many options,” said Tennessee National Guard Assistant General and Army Major General Jeff Holmes. However, Major General Daryl Bohak, head of the Nebraska National Guard’s air force, insisted, “This is not a new thing.

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