Donald Trump has few prominent music industry supporters during the election campaign. On the sidelines of an event, the US president has now met rapper Lil Wayne. And he was clearly excited.

US President Donald Trump received support from American rapper Lil Wayne shortly before the November 3 elections. “I just had a great meeting with Donald Trump,” the musician wrote on Twitter on Thursday. In front of three American flags, they posed side by side with a thumbs up for a photo. Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that a meeting in Miami had taken place on the sidelines of Trump’s campaign events in the US state of Florida.

Trump listened to them today and promised help, Wayne wrote in his tweet. The rapper, whose real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is referring to Trump’s so-called “platinum plan”. The Republican promises, among other things, three million new jobs for African Americans, 500,000 new businesses by blacks and better access to education and training.

Trump has few prominent fans in the music scene. They include rapper rocker Kid Rock, punk pioneer John Lydon, and Kiss co-founder Ace Frehley. Sometimes rapper Kanye West was one of his supporters.

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