Much is very transparent in the US. The election papers show that William Bradley voted in Detroit. Only, he died in 1984. Election fraud, Trump supporters suspect – again.

A brick row house on Chrysler Drive in Detroit: This is where a voter could live who supported Trump supporters in their belief in electoral fraud. According to Michigan Voter Information Center records, William Bradley is 118 years old, requested ballots on September 11, received the ballot on September 19, and cast his vote by letter on October 2. After all, 36 years after his death in June 1984, which can be found in the “US Social Security Death Index”.

The horror story of the “zombie voters”

In Michigan, the outcome was tight: at 50.5 percent, Biden had about 160,000 more votes than Trump (48 percent). The media has already declared Biden the winner in the state based on the number of votes, but Trump is suing. So supposed “zombie voters” are being created for Trump’s stories of widespread electoral fraud. The claim that dead voters were decisive is nothing new.

Quite the contrary: at every major election in the US, the oft-disproved horror story is retold. The reasons for this are commonly known errors in the electoral register and the political interests of the loser. However, research shows that election fraud actually occurs in the US at around 0.0003 to 0.0025 percent of all votes cast. The impartial Brennan Center for Justice wrote that citizens are more likely to be “struck by lightning than voting on behalf of anyone else.” Authorities rarely encounter serious cases. Courts followed the assessment.

The study’s author disagreed with Trump

For Trump and his campaign against postal voting, which is mainly used by Democratic voters, such surveys in 2016 did not prevent us from claiming the opposite: “People who died ten years ago still vote,” he said. He misrepresented a study. The study author vehemently contradicted the claim.

But the campaign of Trump and his Republicans aims to discredit the postal vote. It wasn’t until August that the president distributed an article stating that 846 ballots sent in the Michigan primaries were rejected because voters had died between the postal vote and the count.

Who is William Bradley?

They were sorted because the electoral register is routinely compared to data sent by Social Security – for example, on deaths or relocations. The electoral authority checks the votes cast and sorts them if necessary.

That could also have been the case with William Bradley: that the vote came in by mail, but did not pass the test and was therefore not counted. Or could the error be due to some confusion?

William Tarnell Bradley, aged 61, and son of William E. Bradley, who died in 2004, also lives under the specified ZIP code 48207. The alleged prodigal’s grandson? If you search the election records for William Bradley and his birth month of July, you will also find a registered voter. Both Willam Bradleys have no party affinity and could also be Trump voters.

According to the records, 61-year-old Bradley did not request a ballot and did not vote. Maybe so, but his voice was assigned to the deceased ancestor? An incorrect allocation, an error in the database? That is quite conceivable. Chillreport has contacted the family and the authorities but has not yet received any feedback. The cases became known when it was late at night in the United States.

Apparently, users have continued to search the database containing the records of people who died more than 100 years ago. They got more hits – even more alleged Michigan zombie buckets. According to records, Donna Brydges, born in 1901, cast her vote in Mason County.

However, the record holder is postal voter June Aiken, born in 1900. In her case, other internet users under the zip code also encountered a lady with the same name. However, this is probably not sufficient as an indication of widespread electoral fraud.

The text will be updated with possible additional information on current cases.

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