After 28 years on the list of countries that support terrorism, the United States has officially removed Sudan from the list. A statement from the US Embassy in Khartoum said it would go into effect on Monday. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

A sovereign council has occupied Sudan after the overthrow of long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir last year amid widespread opposition. The council is headed by General Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan. The council has made it a top priority for the United States to remove Sudan from its list of countries supporting terrorism.

In 1993, the United States added Sudan to the list. Washington has accused Omar al-Bashir’s government of supporting terrorist groups. Due to that nomination, Sudan did not receive a loan waiver facility and a large amount of money from international organizations.

In early October, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States had agreed to remove Sudan from its list of countries sponsoring terrorism, when Khartoum called the victims of the 1998 attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 335 million was agreed to be paid. Trump sent notice to Congress on 27 October. Under US law, any country that has no objection to Congress can be removed from the list within 45 days of receiving the notice. The Congress raised no objection to the Sudan case.

The US Embassy’s Facebook page in Khartoum said on Monday that the 45-day deadline to send notice to Congress in Sudan had expired. The foreign minister also signed a notice to remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. As a result, Sudan has not been on the list since 14 December.

After Trump’s announcement, many thought that the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, as well as Sudan, would normalize relations with Israel. But Khartoum always wanted to deny this relationship. Although Morocco recently signed an agreement with Israel, Sudan has not yet made a decision.

After removing Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorism, there are now only three countries on the list. They are Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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