US Open – “You Eat With Your Eyes”: Violent criticism of Becker’s claim

New York (AP) – Tennis legend Boris Becker has harvested allegations of sexism within the network community for an unsuccessful comment about a referee.

In his expert role for the TV broadcaster Eurosport, the 52-year-old remarked during the live broadcast of the semi-finals of the US Open by Alexander Zverev via referee Marijana Veljovic: “If I may call that, a very nice referee.” In response to reporter Matthias Stach’s apparently ironic request (“Did you notice?”) Becker added, “The eye eats with you.”

As a result, many Twitter users criticized Becker’s claim as sexist and outdated. However, some users pointed out that Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard (26) tweeted a few months ago during a Veljovic match at a Swiss Roger Federer match that the referee was “very nice”.

33-year-old Serbian Veljovic is one of the best referees in the industry and has stood out several times for her consistent performance. At the Australian Open in January, she had a dispute with fan favorite Federer and was therefore the center of attention.

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