The American president, infected with the corona virus, is apparently on the mend. His personal doctor announced that Donald Trump had been symptom-free for a day. All information in the news blog.

US President Donald Trump was treated for a coronavirus infection at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda. Trump has been back in the White House since Monday.

Trump without Covid-19 symptoms for 24 hours

According to his doctor, US President Donald Trump, who has the coronavirus, is symptom-free for 24 hours. The president has not had a fever for four days, said his personal physician Sean Conley. “I feel great,” the president said in the morning, according to Conley.

The president’s respiratory rate and oxygen saturation are in the normal range and are stable, the physician announced at a brief press conference on Trump’s condition. Trump had promised his supporters to return to the election campaign soon and participate in the second presidential debate against Democrat Joe Biden on October 15 in Miami.

The president is facing poor poll results in the run-up to the November 3 elections. For example, TV broadcaster gives CNN Trump’s opponent Biden a clear lead of 41 to 57 percent.

Trump Downplays Corona: “Flu season is upon us!”

US President Donald Trump again compared the coronavirus to the flu after his hospital stay due to an infection with the new pathogen. “The flu season is upon us! Every year many people die from the flu, sometimes more than 100,000, and despite the vaccination. Are we going to close our country? No, we learned to live with it, just as we learn with Covid. life that is much less deadly in many population groups !!! ”, Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

The short message service hid the tweet several hours later behind a message stating that the tweet was spreading “misleading and potentially dangerous information” about Covid-19. Since there may be a public interest in it, it remains accessible. However, the tweet can only be distributed with a comment. The message could no longer be found on Facebook.

On Friday it was announced that Trump was infected with the corona virus. On Monday he called on Americans not to be afraid of the virus. In the United States, more than 210,000 people have died of infection since the start of the pandemic, more in absolute terms than any other country in the world. According to the CDC, the United States has had between 12,000 and 61,000 deaths per year from flu since 2010.

Trump’s personal doctor: the US president has “no more symptoms”

According to his personal physician, US President Donald Trump, who is infected with the corona virus, has “no more symptoms”. The president had a “relaxing first night” at the White House following his release from hospital, Sean Conley said Tuesday. The 74-year-old no longer shows any symptoms of disease, his values ​​are “stable” and all in all, it is “extremely well”. Conley did not provide any information on possible further drug treatment for the president.

Meanwhile, US Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley went into quarantine after coming into contact with a corona-infected person. This was reported on Tuesday from military circles. The Department of Defense confirmed that US Coast Guard Deputy Commander Charles Ray had tested positive for the virus. He was at the Pentagon last week. All “potential close contacts” were therefore quarantined and tested Tuesday morning. Until now, none of the contact persons has shown any symptoms of the disease. The Ministry of Defense emphasized that the operational capacity of the army command was not limited in any way.

President Trump was released on Monday night after three days of treatment from Walter Reed military hospital near the capital Washington. In the days before, there was vague and conflicting information from his doctors and the White House about the president’s health. It is known that Trump had a high fever and twice a low oxygen saturation in the blood. The 74-year-old, whose obesity is an additional risk factor in addition to age, was treated with an experimental antibody cocktail, the anti-inflammatory steroid dexamethasone and the antiviral inhibitor desivir.

His personal doctor, Conley, said on Monday that Trump was “not completely out of the woods,” but that he met all the medical criteria for discharge. In the White House, there will also be “world-class medical care” for the president 24 hours a day.

Biden: “Trump is responsible for his corona infection”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Monday night that President Donald Trump himself is responsible for his coronavirus infection. “Anyone who believes that masks don’t play a role and that distance isn’t important is, in my opinion, responsible for what happens to them when they become infected,” Biden told NBC in Miami. Unsurprisingly, the US president has become infected if he doesn’t follow the rules.

Joe Biden: The presidential candidate wears mouth and nose protection. (Source: UPI Photo / Image Images)

Biden, on the other hand, held up a mask and said that wearing it was not only protection but also a patriotic responsibility. He hopes that the Americans will get the right message from Trump’s illness that masks and distance are important. At the same time, get him Trump’s latest tweet telling people, “Don’t let it take over your life. Don’t be afraid of it.” He’s also doing better than ever. Biden hopes that US citizens will not just dismiss the coronavirus as a trifle: “It’s a serious problem. It’s an international pandemic.”

Trump confirms: do not be afraid of the corona virus

Trump shows strength: That’s how the US president organized his return to the White House – and sent a message to the citizens. (Source: Chillreport)

US President Donald Trump has reiterated his message to Americans to fear the corona virus. “Don’t let it take over your life. Don’t be afraid of it,” the Covid-19 Republican said in a video shot on the balcony of the White House Monday night (local time). “Get out of there, be careful.”

Trump had just returned to the White House after spending three days in the hospital. “I was not doing well,” he said of his illness. “But two days ago I felt great again, better than I have felt in a long time.” He echoed his words from an earlier Twitter post that he was feeling better than twenty years ago.

Four weeks before the presidential election, Trump can hardly afford to show weakness. Trump is now pushing back into the arena. “I’ll be back on the campaign trail soon !!!” he announced on Twitter on Monday. Election campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh announced on Fox News that Trump plans to participate in the second TV duel with Biden on Oct. 15.

Trump has left the clinic – the doctor has not yet clarified everything

After three days of treatment for his Covid disease, US President Donald Trump has left Walter Reed Military Hospital. The helicopter with Trump on board took off Monday evening (local time) from the hospital grounds in Bethesda, north of Washington. Read more here.

Trump’s spokeswoman also tested positive

US President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany claims to be infected with the corona virus. After testing negative several times, she got a positive result on Monday morning, McEnany writes on Twitter. However, they do not show any symptoms. The spokeswoman said she would now be quarantined and start working from home.

McEnany is the fifth corona case close to the US president. In addition to Trump, his wife Melania, adviser Hope Hicks, assistant Nicholas Luna and campaign manager Bill Stepien had previously tested positive for the virus.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a daily press briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White (Source: imago images / Yuri Gripas / Pool via CNP / MediaPunch)White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a daily press conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White (Source: Yuri Gripas / Pool via CNP / MediaPunch / image images)

Trump’s Health: The White House Promises Transparency

Following conflicting statements about US President Donald Trump’s health, the White House has pledged transparency. “This is a dynamic situation, as you know. We’re trying to be as transparent as possible to the American public,” spokeswoman Alyssa Farah told Fox News on Sunday.

The White House wanted to supplement the doctors’ information so that the public knew all the facts. Conley gave an “accurate update” on Trump’s condition on Saturday. Meadows’ statements indicated that the situation on Friday was “a little more worrisome,” Farah said. “We know he’s not out of the woods yet, but we’re confident his condition will improve.”

Maas: “Schadenfreude has no justification”

Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas (SPD) has criticized Häme in view of US President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 disease. “When it comes to the person, when it comes to survival, then Schadenfreude has no justification”, Maas told the internet program “Bild live” on Sunday evening. Malicious messages have not only damaged communication, “but ultimately also damaged democratic culture.”

As for speculation about Trump’s health, Maas said the deciding factor for him was “how the US president is doing and what effects this will have on his administration.” ‘Whether or not it was connected to the oxygen bottle is not primarily the most important message for me.’ According to all that has been heard from the US, there is a prospect that Trump “may return to the office in a few days,” Maas said. “And that would be an exceptionally good development.”

Pelosi hears about Trump’s condition through the media

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has not yet been directly informed about the health of President Donald Trump, who has Covid-19. “We get our information through the media just like everyone else,” she told CBS on Sunday.

Pelosi ranks third in the US hierarchy, after the president and vice president. “We pray for his good health, for his speedy recovery. But I hope it will signal that we really need to do more to prevent the virus from spreading,” she said of Trump’s illness.

Virologist Streeck has doubts about Trump’s discharge from hospital

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck was skeptical in the internet program “Bild live” about the question of whether an early discharge from the hospital would be worthwhile. “Medically it’s probably better if he recovered more,” said the doctor.

Streeck also commented on the drugs used to treat Trump at Walter Reed military hospital just outside Washington. The Regeneron antibody cocktail that Trump received has not yet been approved, Streeck points out. “In addition, he is on cortisone. This is usually given for courses that require oxygen therapy.”

Personal Doctor: Trump’s health continues to improve

According to his personal physician Sean Conley, US President Donald Trump’s health has been getting better and better. As with any illness, there are ups and downs, Conley said Sunday in front of Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, near Washington. Trump (74) was taken to hospital on Friday evening after he was infected with the corona virus. On Saturday evening, Conley said the doctors were cautiously optimistic. Trump is not over the mountain yet. You can read more information here.

Corona patient Trump can be driven past trailers

US President Donald Trump paid a surprise visit to his supporters outside the hospital. Trump waved from a black SUV to his fans in Bethesda, north of Washington, on Sunday, as shown in a video posted on Twitter. Trump wore a mask in the car that contained at least two other people. Read more here.

Did Donald Trump memorize a first positive corona test?

According to media reports, US President Donald Trump would have hidden a first positive test for Covid-19. Trump appeared on Fox News on Thursday following the results of an initial rapid test on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported. Read more here.

Media Report: Trump was terrified

The seriousness of the American president’s corona disease is still unclear. Trump himself announced that he was doing well. According to a report by “Vanity FairHowever, he would have felt very bad on Friday. According to the report, he suffered from palpitations, had a fever of over 39 degrees, and was given oxygen. According to the report, Trump asked confidants if he could overcome the disease or if he was “like Stan.” Chera end “? Chera was a friend of Trump. He died after being infected with the corona virus.

Previously, the doctors would have warned the head of state, the magazine reports. He could either go to the hospital himself or the doctors would later have to transport him in a wheelchair or on a stretcher if his health deteriorated. Trump would have waited to leave the hospital until the stock market closed on Friday, a source told the Vanity Fair. The magazine lists several of Trump’s confidants and members of the Republicans.

Report: Trump hesitated before being hospitalized

According to information from broadcaster CNN, US President Donald Trump initially hesitated on Friday to be treated in hospital for his corona infection. Citing informed circles, the station reported on Sunday evening that Trump advisers first had to convince the 74-year-old in the White House to board the Marine One helicopter. The helicopter was already waiting on the south lawn of the official headquarters. Trump was eventually flown to Walter Reed Military Hospital north of Washington, where he has been treated ever since.

Despite symptoms and therapy that has already begun, Trump initially did not want to be taken to the hospital, he said. He wanted to avoid becoming seriously ill. The president had been informed that it would be better for him to stay in the clinic if his condition deteriorated. Senior government officials said they would not hospitalize Trump until after the stock market closed to avoid a crash in stock prices.

Before Trump was taken to hospital, media reports said he was given supplemental oxygen at the White House on Friday. Looking ahead to Friday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Fox News last weekend, “We were really concerned yesterday.” Trump had a fever, and the oxygen saturation in his blood had dropped rapidly. In contrast, Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley had previously painted a positive picture of the president’s health.

Biden makes the results of corona tests public

As a sign of transparency, US election challenger Joe Biden wants to publish the results of his corona tests in the future. The former vice president responded to conflicting information about the health of US President Donald Trump, who has been being treated in a military hospital for a corona infection since Friday. “Vice President Biden will be tested regularly and he will publish the results of each test,” said a spokesman for Biden’s campaign team, Andrew Bates, on Saturday (local time).

The 77-year-old was last tested negative on Friday. According to CNN, another corona test is scheduled for Sunday morning.

Trump reports from the hospital with a video message

US President Donald Trump himself has emphasized that the coming days will likely determine the course of his coronavirus infection. “I’m starting to feel good again,” Trump said in a new video message from the hospital on Saturday. But in the next few days, the “real test” will come – “we’ll see what happens,” said the president. The White House had insisted on Friday that Trump had only mild symptoms and had been taken to the clinic only as a precaution.

“When I got here, I didn’t feel very well. Now I feel a lot better,” Trump said in the video released Saturday night (local time). His voice was a little thick and he seemed a little short of breath. “I have to come back because we have to make America great one more time,” the president said, referring to his campaign motto. “I think I’ll be back soon.”

At the same time, Trump has defended his approach in recent months, making many public appearances and campaign trips – and often without precautions such as wearing a mask. “I had no choice, I couldn’t just stay in the White House,” he said. “As a leader you have to tackle problems.” In view of the US presidential election on Nov. 3, Trump said he wanted to “end the campaign as it started.”

No senate meeting for two weeks

The US Senate suspends its plenary sessions for two weeks after corona infections of at least three members. At the same time, the Judiciary Committee must proceed with hearings of US Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday.

Three senators – Republicans Mike Lee, Thom Tillis and Ron Johnson – had announced positive corona tests since Friday. Lee and Tillis are also members of the Judiciary Committee. President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans want Barrett to be in office ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The Democrats demand that only the winner of the presidential election decide who will fill the post of the recently deceased liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Among other things, they warn that Barrett is likely to vote for President Barack Obama’s abolition of health care reform. Democratic members of the judicial committee on Saturday criticized that continuing to work would endanger the health of those involved.

Doctor: The president is “very good”

According to his personal doctor Sean Conley, US President Donald Trump is doing well. “The president is doing very well this morning,” Conley told reporters at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, north of Washington, on Saturday.

Doctors are very happy with the progress that has been made in the treatment of Trump. At first it seemed to be even more difficult. But now Trump has been fever free for 24 hours. The Doctor Sean Dooley added that the president does not need to be vented.

Trump (74) flew to hospital by helicopter on Friday evening. Recently there have been reports that the state of the president is more serious than the White House has portrayed.

Trump is getting these drugs – in addition to remdesivir

For the next few days, Trump will work from the president’s office in the military hospital, the White House said. He has “mild symptoms” but is cheerful and has been working all day. The president has taken a first dose of remdesivir and is resting, the personal doctor said. He also takes zinc, vitamin D, the stomach medicine famotidine, the sleep hormone melatonin and aspirin. Trump had previously been dosed with an antibody cocktail – an experimental treatment. He showed signs of fatigue; there were no further details about his symptoms. How long Trump will have to stay in the hospital is unclear. The White House spoke of a few days

American media also reported a fever on Friday. “This is serious,” an unnamed presidential adviser told CNN. The president is also having trouble breathing. The broadcaster also quoted a senior government official as saying Trump’s condition was okay at the moment. But there is concern in the White House that the situation could change quickly. At 74 years old and overweight, he is one of the coronary heart disease patients.

Another Republican senator infected with coronavirus

Another senator in the US has been infected with the corona virus. A spokesman for Republican Ron Johnson said on Saturday that the senator had been tested the day before. The result was positive. Senator Johnson is fine and has no symptoms. He will remain in isolation until his doctor clarifies everything. ‘ The senator came into contact with an infected person. Johnson had not been to the White House in recent weeks.

The EU medicines authority is investigating possible kidney damage from remdesivir

The active ingredient Remdesivir, which is also used to treat severe courses of Covid-19, is under further investigation in Europe due to possible kidney complications. According to reports, a safety testing procedure for the drug Veklury has started, the EU Medicines Agency (EMA) announced Friday.

The preparation is based on remdesivir, which US President Donald Trump also takes, according to his personal doctor Sean Conley. Acute kidney problems would have occurred in some patients, according to the authority with headquarters in Amsterdam. Various media outlets reported on the EMA investigation.

It has been given conditional approval in the EU since July for the treatment of adults and adolescents suffering from pneumonia as a result of corona infection. Possible side effects should be further observed.

The Chinese president wishes Trump a speedy recovery

Chinese President Xi Jinping has wished US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania a speedy recovery. The official Xinhua news agency reported Saturday.

Trump’s election campaign chief tested positive for Corona

A month before the US election, President Donald Trump’s campaign leader, Bill Stepien, also tested positive for the corona virus. The campaign team confirmed a report from Politico magazine late Friday night. Stepien was diagnosed Friday night and had mild flu-like symptoms. He keeps control of the campaign from his home office. Earlier in the day it was announced that Republican party leader Ronna McDaniel had also contracted the virus. The positive test by Trump’s close adviser Hope Hicks on Thursday had resulted in numerous other tests in the president’s area.

Lots of infections after the event

More and more infections are now known from the Trump environment. In the days leading up to his positive corona test, Trump traveled extensively and stayed near dozens of people. In particular, the focus is on an event in the White House yard a week ago when Trump introduced conservative attorney Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the US Supreme Court vacancy. More than 100 people gathered there in a small space, and photos and videos show that few wore masks or kept their distance. According to the television station CNN, the participants hugged or shook hands.

Corona tests have since turned positive for at least six of those in attendance: in addition to Trump and his wife Melania, campaign manager Bill Stepien, former high-ranking Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, as well as Senators Mike Lee and Thom Tillis and the president of the Catholic University of Notre Dame, John Jenkins. Refilling the judge’s mail still has to go according to plan.

Guess Work About Trump’s Condition: How Is He?

Donald Trump is in the hospital – his condition has apparently deteriorated significantly on Friday. But the White House is silent on the president’s condition. Read more about it here.

Macron wishes Trumps the best of luck

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte have wished a speedy recovery to Corona-infected US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who was also infected. “Stay strong and keep going!” (for example, “Stay strong and don’t let yourself down!”) Macron wrote by hand on Friday on a card addressed to “Dear Donald” and featured on Facebook. According to Elysée Palace circles, “Première Dame” Brigitte Macron sent an extra message to the American First Lady – with “heartfelt wishes” for a speedy recovery.

Trump doesn’t need oxygen

US President Donald Trump does not require supplemental oxygen for his hospital treatment. That is what a doctor in the White House announced. Trump started taking the Covid 19 drug Remdesivir from the American company Gilead Sciences.

Former Trump adviser Conway tested positive

Former advisor and campaign manager to US President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, has tested positive for the corona virus. She is in quarantine and has only mild symptoms, Conway announced in a tweet. She resigned in late August for private reasons to focus on her family. Conway was one of Trump’s most loyal companions.

In Washington: Kellyanne Conway, then an adviser to US President Trump, speaks to reporters. The former high-ranking adviser to US President Donald Trump has contracted the corona virus. (Source: dpa / Andrew Harnik / AP)In Washington: Kellyanne Conway, then an adviser to US President Trump, speaks to reporters. The former high-ranking adviser to US President Donald Trump has contracted the corona virus. (Source: Andrew Harnik / AP / dpa)

Another US Republican Senator tests positive

In the United States, another Republican senator tested positive for the coronavirus. Thom Tillis, who represents the state of North Carolina in the United States Senate, announced his infection. His positive coronavirus test could delay filling the vacancy in the US Supreme Court. Like Corona-infected Republican Mike Lee, Tillis is a member of the Senate Legal Committee.

Trump threw hats into the crowd during the campaign event

Before the US president tested positive for the coronavirus, he participated in a few election campaign events. As “The Sun” reports and shows in a video on Twitter, he threw one of these hats into the crowd.

White House reporters tested positive

Three White House reporters have tested positive for the coronavirus, the New York Post reports. All three had been to the White House in the past week. As a precaution, other journalists are in quarantine.

Government agency not transferred to vice

Despite his admission to a military hospital for his corona infection, US President Donald Trump has not handed over a power of attorney to his Vice President Mike Pence. The US presidential office has announced.

The EU Medicines Agency is investigating possible kidney damage from remdesivir

According to its own information, the EU medicines authority EMA is investigating reports of possible kidney damage from taking the corona drug Remdesivir. Read more about it here.

Barack and Michelle Obama wish Trump good wishes

Former US President Barack Obama has sent good wishes to incumbent Donald Trump and First Lady Melania. “Michelle and ich hoffen, dass of the Präsident, who are First Lady and all of the Coronavirus concerned Menschen in the geese Land auf dem Weg zur raschen Genesung who get treatment, who see brauchen”, write Obama am Freitag auch im Namen seiner Ehefrau on Twitter. Offenbar im Hinblick auf die Wahl in a Monat writes Obama, America befinde sich derzeit in a “großen politischen Schlacht”. “Obwohl fell auf dem Spiel steht, sollten wir nicht vergessen, dass wir alle Amerikaner sind. Wir sind alle Menschen. Und wir woolen, dass jeder gesund ist, unabhängig von unserer Partei.”

Nordkoreas Machthaber Kim wünscht Trump baldige Genesung

The nordkorean Machthaber Kim Jong Un hat US President Donald Trump baldige Genesung von seiner Corona-Infektion gewünscht und sein Mitgefühl. There wünsche ihm und the First Lady “von Herzen” eine baldige, fullständige Genesung, heißt es in dem von der Staatsagentur KCNA verbreiteten Schreiben. There äußerte die Hoffnung, dass die both es “bald überstehen”. Kim schloss sein Schreiben mit “herzlichen Grüßen”. Trump und Kim haben zwei Gipfeltreffen in Singapur und Hanoi in the Jahren 2018 und 2019 abgehalten und sich ein drittes Mal an der koreanischen Demarkationslinie hit.

Twitter was released Todeswünsche an Trump

Twitter wird alle Tweets löschen, in denen dem US-Präsidenten Donald Trump nach seiner Corona-Infektion der Tod gewünscht wird. Der Kurznachrichtendienst verwies in der Nacht zum Samstag nach einem Medienbericht auf seine geltenden Hausregeln. Demnach darf niemandem Tod, ernsthafter körperlicher Schaden oder eine tödliche Krankheit gewünscht werden. Zugleich schränkte Twitter ein, dass dies nicht automatisch eine Sperrung des Accounts der betroffenen Nutzer bedeuten müsse. Nachdem die Corona-Infektion Trumps bekannt geworden war, hatte es bei Twitter viele Reaktionen darauf gegeben.

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