US revokes visas for more than 1,000 Chinese students

According to the US government, “legitimate students” are still welcome, everyone else – more than 1,000 – must leave the country. President Trump wants to prevent something very specific.

Since June, the US has revoked the entry permits of more than 1,000 Chinese students for “national security” reasons. A Washington State Department spokeswoman announced the base was an order issued by US President Donald Trump in late May. According to US sources, this is to prevent the Chinese military from using students in the US for industrial and research espionage. This has consequences for students in master’s programs and PhD students.

The spokeswoman pointed out that only a small proportion of all Chinese students in the US are affected. “Legitimate students” are still welcome. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said visas for certain students and researchers had been “blocked” to prevent them from “stealing sensitive research.”

Review from Beijing

Beijing criticized the procedure on Thursday. The lock contradicts the concept of openness and freedom in the US, State Department spokesman Zhao Lijian said. It has to do with political persecution and racial discrimination. The human rights of Chinese students studying in the US are seriously violated. He also threatened retaliation. We reserve the right to provide further answers.

The conflict is now affecting almost every aspect of the relationship between the two countries. Tensions have increased in recent months. After punitive tariffs, the US has begun to impose harsh political sanctions. Some Chinese politicians have been banned from entering the country for allegedly involved in the persecution of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region. There is also a threat of sanctions against officials who, from the US point of view, restrict rights to freedom in Hong Kong.

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