US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also visited US President Donald Trump’s company Japan on Tuesday. The purpose of his visit is to strengthen the solidarity of American allies against China. During the visit, he met with senior Japanese officials including Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga. According to a report by the UK-based news agency Reuters.

In a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Pompeo expressed optimism that he believed Washington-Tokyo relations would be further strengthened in the long run.

During a meeting with the Japanese Foreign Minister, Pompeo said that he agreed with Yoshihide Sugar to lay the foundation for peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States has every reason to believe that the new Prime Minister of Japan will play a role in making our alliance more sustainable.

Meanwhile, Pompeo has shortened its pre-arranged tour of Asian countries. He made the change after President Donald Trump identified the coronovirus. Although he is on a tour of Japan, he is not going to Mongolia and South Korea, which are currently on a pre-arranged tour.

Pompeo also stated that he is still physically healthy. Still taking extra precautions.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump, who was infected with coronovirus, has left the hospital. He returned to the White House on Monday after spending three nights at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Upon his return, he removed his mask for a photo session in front of reporters.

Meanwhile, a personal aide of Trump in the White House is attacked by Corona. This has also affected their election campaign. How does it feel to return to the White House in such a situation? In response to a reporter’s question, Trump said, “very well.”

Trump returned to the White House by helicopter from the hospital. At this point he opened the mask, waved his hand and showed a signal to the thumb. He later walked into the presidential palace with a mask in his pocket.

Later in a video message, he said, “Don’t give Coronavirus a chance to control your life.” Be careful Don’t be afraid of it We are returning to work.

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