Not only does US President Trump not admit defeat, his Secretary of State has problems with it. “The transition to a second Trump administration will be smooth,” Pompeo said at a news conference.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will not admit that President Donald Trump lost to his challenger Joe Biden in the US election. When asked if his department was preparing a handover to Biden’s team, Pompeo said at a press conference in Washington, “The transition to a second Trump administration will be smooth.”

He called for awaiting the further process outlined in the constitution. Pompeo added that the world should have “complete confidence” that the ministry would be fully operational once the new president was inaugurated on January 20.

Pompeo reacted weakly when asked whether Trump’s refusal to admit defeat did not discredit the State Department’s calls to other countries for fair and free elections. “That’s ridiculous,” Pompeo said. “The United States has an electoral system that is deeply rooted in our constitution.” This system will be followed.

No evidence of fraud allegations

Trump and other leading Republicans have so far failed to acknowledge Democrat Biden’s victory. He criticizes election fraud and is suing in several states. Trump has provided no evidence to support his allegations. Election observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe had found no irregularities in the US elections. The head of the OSCE mission, Michael Georg Link, had described Trump’s allegations of manipulation as “baseless”.

Biden was declared the winner on Saturday based on surveys and predictions from the US media. The American president is not directly elected by the people, but by the electorate in the states. The winner needs a minimum of 270 of the 538 voters. States must certify the final election results by December 8 and report them to Washington. The electorate will vote on 14 December.

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