US: Trump’s nomination speech at the fact check

Trump gives himself the highest marks: Corona vaccination, more money from NATO partners, and great economic data. With his challenger Biden, he can only see chasms. But which of these is really true?

US President Donald Trump defended the successes of his tenure with great superlatives and violently attacked his Democratic challenger. At the end of his Republicans ‘party conference, he spoke in the White House garden on Thursday evening (local time) about the corona pandemic, the state of the US economy, NATO partners’ commitment to payments and Biden’s allegedly disastrous plans. Here’s an evaluation of some of the statements:

  • “We will produce a vaccine before the end of the year – or maybe even sooner … We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year.”

Facts: The search for a corona vaccine is in full swing, thanks in part to a financial boost from the US government. There are several vaccines in clinical trials around the world with about 30,000 subjects to prove their effectiveness. The final results of these studies are not expected until late fall.

The results are then usually independently reviewed and published before the authorities consider regular approval. Because of the pandemic, everyone involved wants to act quickly but not compromise on safety. According to noted immunologist Anthony Fauci, who also advises the White House, there could be a vaccine by the end of the year or early 2021.

Rating: Very Optimistic to Unlikely.

  • “We’ve developed a number of powerful treatments, including a powerful antibody treatment … that will save thousands upon thousands of lives.”

Facts: Trump’s allegation concerns the recent issue of an emergency permit to treat Covid-19 patients with the restorative blood plasma, which contains antibodies to the coronavirus. More than 70,000 Covid patients have been experimentally treated with plasma in the US.

Contrary to Trump’s claims, it is still largely unclear how effective plasma actually is in reducing the Covid death rate. Studies published so far have limited informative value, but many experts believe they indicate only limited benefit from the treatment.

Assessment: exaggerated.

  • “Rather than following the science, Joe Biden wants to impose painful exit restrictions across the country.”

Facts: Biden promises to contain the pandemic with the help of a national strategy. In a recent interview, he said he would follow the advice of scientists and health experts. If they recommended new exit restrictions to contain the pandemic, he would obey, Biden said. “I would be willing to do whatever it takes to save lives,” he said in an interview with television station ABC. So far, there have been nearly six million confirmed corona infections and more than 180,000 deaths in the US – more than anywhere else.

Assessment: misleading.

US President Donald Trump stands in front of part of the border wall with Mexico: when it comes to the wall, Trump did not lie in his nomination speech. (Source: Polar photo / image images)

  • Claim: “We’ve already built 480 miles of the border wall, and we’re adding 10 miles every week. The wall will be ready soon.”

Facts: The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was one of Trump’s central promises before his election as president. According to the Department of Homeland Security, about 300 miles have been traveled so far – this equates to about 15 percent of the 3,200-kilometer border. In most cases, Trump’s border wall only replaced existing and obsolete border installations.

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The slow progress in the construction of the wall is partly due to opposition from Democrats in Congress. With an emergency declaration and money from the Department of Defense, Trump wants to complete up to 800 kilometers of wall by 2021. That seems very optimistic.

Evaluation: partially correct.

  • Claim: “I say with great humility that I have done more for the African American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Facts: Under President Lincoln, Congress passed the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that abolished slavery in the US. Historians are broadly in agreement that President Lyndon B. Johnson did the most for blacks in recent history: a major anti-discrimination law was passed during his 1964 term in office, and a highly competitive electoral reform a year later that eliminated the vote on blacks and their families changed. other minorities insured.

Assessment: completely exaggerated.

  • Claim: “For example, our NATO partners were very far behind when it came to their defense spending. But after my strong insistence, they agreed to pay an additional 130 billion a year … And that 130 billion will eventually reach 400 billion a year. . “

Facts: Trump has been calling on the other NATO states to increase their defense spending since the beginning of his tenure. He wants them to meet the alliance’s goal of devoting at least two percent of their economic output to the military. The member states had already committed to this in 2014, so before Trump’s term in office. In addition, Trump’s impression that these are annual payments is incorrect.

At the end of last year, NATO presented figures according to which the sum of the additional expenditure of the European NATO countries and Canada will amount to 130 billion dollars from early 2016 to the end of 2020. By the end of 2024, it should then be about $ 400 billion.

Evaluation: right inclination, but wrong in detail.

Joe Biden: With the Democrat in office, funding for the police would be cut, Trump claims. But that is not true. (Source: Image Images / ABC New)Joe Biden: With the Democrat in office, funding for the police would be cut, Trump claims. But that is not true. (Source: ABC New / Image Images)

  • Claim: “If Joe Biden comes to power, the radical left will cut funding for police forces across America. They will pass laws to reduce security forces across the country.”

Facts: Despite the demands of some left-wing Democrats, Biden has spoken out against general cuts to police budgets. Biden wants to give the police even more money under certain conditions. In an interview, he also said that some resources can be reallocated if certain tasks are better handled by other departments. After the murder of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in late May, Biden argued strongly for police reform. Election campaigner Trump is committed to describing Biden’s America as a land of anarchy, violence and chaos.

Rating: Very misleading.

  • Claim: “We have added nine million jobs in the last three months – a record in the history of the country.”

Facts: As a result of the corona pandemic, approximately 22 million jobs were lost in the US from February to the end of April. From May to the end of July, more than nine million people found a job again, which corresponds to a historically rapid recovery. However, only about 40 percent of the originally lost positions have been replaced.

In July, the unemployment rate in the US was 10.2 percent, an extremely high value for the US. Before the Corona crisis, this was 3.5 percent. In early August, 27 million Americans were receiving some form of unemployment benefit.

Evaluation: true, but hides important information.

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