Donald Trump continues to fight against his defeat. Still, electorates across the country gave Joe Biden their vote. His move to the White House is a big step closer.

The votes of the electorate in the US states and the capital of Washington have confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over the incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election. Democrat Biden received 306 votes – as expected based on the states’ certified results after the November 3 election. Republican Trump won 232 votes. Biden wanted to comment on his election victory on Monday evening (local time).

The vote of the California electorate pushed Biden above the 270-vote threshold on Monday evening, as Hawaii was the last state to seal the final result.

The president is indirectly elected in the US: a total of 538 voters vote on behalf of the people. In the vast majority of states, the electoral winner gets all the votes from the local electorate. There were no dissenters in the ballots on Monday, with all voters voting based on the results – and with it the vague hope of some Trump supporters that the election results would still be destroyed in this way.

Trump’s term of office automatically ends on January 20

The fact that 78-year-old Biden won the election has been evident since November 7, when leading American media – as usual in the United States – declared him the winner. The final results of the presidential election will be officially announced in Congress in Washington on January 6. Biden will be sworn in in Washington on January 20. On that day, Trump’s tenure automatically ends, even if he doesn’t admit defeat.

Voting by the electorate is a formality in normal election years, because the defeated candidate usually admits defeat on election night. But Trump still claims he actually won the election and sees himself being robbed of his victory by massive fraud. Many Republicans – including colleagues from the lead party in the US Congress – have not yet publicly recognized Biden as the winner.

Biden wants to open a “new chapter”

Biden delivered a speech before the election results in his hometown of Wilmington on Monday evening (local time). He called on the country to open a “new chapter” and bridge gaps.

“Now is the time to start a new chapter. To unite us. To heal,” it says. He wanted to become president for “all Americans”: “I will work just as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as I did for those who voted for me.”

“In this battle for America’s soul, democracy has won,” said Joe Biden. “The integrity of our elections remains intact.” Observers fear that many US citizens who believe Trump’s allegations of fraud may not see Biden as a legitimate president.

More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump team have already failed

With a wave of lawsuits, Trump and his allies sought to tilt the election result in favor of the incumbent party. Neither he, nor his lawyers, nor his supporters have provided evidence to support their far-reaching allegations. More than 50 lawsuits have already failed.

On Friday, the Washington Supreme Court also dismissed a lawsuit aimed at undoing Biden’s victory in four states. Trump had stated last weekend that he would not give up the legal battle against his defeat just yet.

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