Venezuela’s oil refineries demand to apprehend American spies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has demanded the capture of an American spy from Venezuela’s largest oil refinery. In a live broadcast on state television on Friday (September 11), Maduro said that he was arrested on Thursday in the northwestern state of Falcon. He also stated that he was working as a detective for Emu and Cordon Oil Refinery. At the same time, Maduro claimed that attempts to blow up another refinery had been foiled. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

Venezuela’s Amu Array and Cordon oil refineries have a daily capacity of 961,000 barrels. However, the refinery has not met the target since last year. This situation has arisen due to mismanagement and lack of maintenance by the opposition.

Last month, a Venezuelan court sentenced two US citizens to 20 years in prison for spying for the United States. President Nicholas Maduro said in a statement on Friday that the spies caught from the Falcon were members of the US Navy. He worked at the CIA base in Iraq. Special weapons, huge amount of money and various items were recovered from him. He also said that the arrested police is confessing in custody.

In the same speech, Nicolas Maduro said that Venezuelan security forces have foiled an attempt to blow up another oil refinery in Carabobo State. However, he did not provide details about this.

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