The Italian city of Venice has problems with a protection system. The water also penetrated to the historic Basilica of San Marco. Now the mayor wants to act.

Problems with the new lady system in Venice have led to flooding in the Italian lagoon city. The flooding in central St. Mark’s Square rose to 1.37 meters above sea level on Tuesday afternoon and also penetrated into St. Mark’s Basilica.

The new Mose flood protection system had not been activated because a smaller rise in water level was predicted, said Mayor Luigi Brugnaro of Agi news agency. He announced that he would review the requirements for the system.

Security system only recently put into operation

The flood protection system was put into use in the autumn. It consists of 78 movable protection walls at the entrances to the lagoon. The barriers are on the sea floor when the water level is normal, but can be raised within 30 minutes and can withstand a rise of three meters.

Venice is regularly flooded and rising sea levels mean that the “Acqua alta” is now a real threat to the city, which is popular with tourists. In November last year, a record flood of 1.87 meters was recorded – the last time the water level was that high in 1966.

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