London (AP) – After a verbal misstep, England Football Association president Greg Clarke resigned.

The 63-year-old, who is also a vice president of FIFA, announced his move in a personal statement. In it, he lamented his “unacceptable words” to the English Parliament, which had done football a disservice.

In a committee of the House of Commons, Clarke had spoken about ‘colored’ footballers instead of black footballers and initially apologized for this. However, in view of the association’s technical department, he also said there are far more people from South Asia than from the Caribbean working because they have different career interests. Clarke was also criticized with statements about sexuality. Commission Chairman Julian Knight then accused the FA of not drawing such negative attention for the first time and questioning its commitment to diversity.

In a first comment, Clarke initially said apologetically that he sometimes stumbled over his words, but also pointed out that he had worked in the US for a long time. The former businessman has been chairman of the FA since August 2016, and the office is now held by Peter McCormick as a provisional board member. Clarke has only held the position of FIFA Vice-President since February 2019.

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