Paris (AP) – Spanish tennis pro Fernando Verdasco is not allowed to start at the French Open after a positive corona test and has strongly criticized the organizers of the Grand Slam tournament in Paris.

He was “absolutely frustrated,” the former top ten player wrote on social networks. In August, he tested positive for Covid-19, but had no symptoms.

He went into quarantine and then tested negative twice. Now he was tested positive once for the clay court event that started on Sunday, after which the organizers disqualified him. The 36-year-old wrote in a detailed statement that further tests, to which he was also independently subjected, were all negative. His family and caregivers had also tested negative.

However, the organizers of the French Open refused him further testing, Verdasco said, expressing his “complete frustration and disdain”. He was “denied the right to participate in this important event.” Verdasco was in the semifinals of the Australian Open in 2009 and is now 58th in the world ranking.

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