Nürburg (AP) – Sebastian Vettel wishes Mick Schumacher a Formula 1 cockpit for the coming season.

“He’s a great boy, I like him a lot,” said the German Ferrari driver for the Eifel Grand Prix. “I hope he can clear a cockpit next year.” He is confident that the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher and Formula 2 leader will find his way.

The 21-year-old will drive his first Formula 1 training in an Alfa Romeo on Friday. He is number 37 on the official registration list and 20th in the Formula 2 junior class. “Hopefully we’ll see him not just tomorrow, but on another Friday this year and hopefully next year in a racing car.” For Vettel it is clear: “I’m sure, that’s just like the impetus for him.”

The return to the Nürburgring after seven years of abstinence did the four-time world champion Vettel well. “It was a surprise that Germany was back on the calendar this year and a happy surprise that the Nürburgring was back on the calendar,” said Vettel, who won the last edition at Red Bull in 2013. “The track is great.”

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