Stuttgart (AP) – President Claus Vogt of VfB Stuttgart sees an increasing alienation between professional football and its fans in times of ghost matches.

“Interest is declining. That shows me conversations with fans, members or business partners,” said the 51-year-old of the German news agency. “ People, for whom that would have been unthinkable before, suddenly end up without football for a weekend. For months, football has lost what defines it: its emotionality. But Corona is not the only cause of this alienation, it is a catalyst. . “

This development “has been going on for several years,” said Vogt, who was elected the Swabian Bundesliga club’s new president almost exactly 12 months ago. “In some areas of professional football all too often it is a matter of earning as quickly and as much as possible. That should be warned. With merchandising sales down or stages not filling up even at times of partial approval, some are getting it. Unite to feel that, “he said.

“Wages and layoffs are too high, matches too inflated and predictable by lottery pots, weeks of games and TV broadcasts too full,” said Vogt, demanding, “In many areas we need to step up a gear.”

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