In Afghanistan, a convoy of Vice President Amrullah Saleh narrowly escaped a bomb attack. Several employees were injured, the politician himself was unharmed.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh escaped an assassination attempt in the capital, Kabul. “A car bomb exploded on the street where the vice president was driving,” said Saleh’s adviser Homajun Ahmadi. He was not injured, but several bodyguards were. According to eyewitnesses, passers-by should also have been killed. A cloud of smoke was visible even miles from the site of the attack.

The attack took place before the scheduled start of peace talks in Afghanistan, which will take place in Qatar. There is no date yet for talks between the Islamist Taliban and the government.

Politicians, activists and religious representatives have been targeted or murdered in recent months. Experts see this as an attempt to intimidate and weaken Afghan civil society ahead of the planned peace negotiations. The masterminds behind the targeted attacks usually remain hidden.

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