Gelsenkirchen (AP) – Schalke football pro Mark Uth is making further progress just days after his head injury.

“He was back in video analysis today for the game against Freiburg. He is making a good mental and physical impression,” said Schalke coach Manuel Baum.

Uth had suffered a concussion after a severe collision with his opponent in the duel with FC Augsburg two days earlier (2: 2) and was hospitalized. “He was there with a lot of energy and a positive attitude. That helps us all deal with that,” said Baum.

How long the 29-year-old attacking player has to pause, the coach left open. “How he will end up is hard to say. Head injuries should not be taken lightly.” Despite the great progress that was made, Baum advised Uth on Wednesday (6.30pm) not to visit the stadium in the game against Freiburg: “I would rather tell him to light us up from home and rest.”

Despite all the frustration about the unfortunate goal at the last minute to make it 2-2 in Augsburg, Baum judged his team’s performance as progress: “We don’t let such blows put us down, we pull ourselves back. from.”

The coach at the bottom of the table is excited that the series of 27 no-win Bundesliga matches is nearing the end: “ We are getting closer and closer to the three-pointers from match to match. In my opinion, the trend is in the right direction that it is on time. the case will be that we overthrow the goat. “

Ahmed Kutucu could resolve the bottleneck in the offensive caused by Uth’s failure. “Ahmed returned to practice last week and is looking good. He would be an option for the starting XI. He will certainly be in the squad,” said Baum.

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