Video message of Jacob Blake lying in a hospital bed

Jacob Blake, a black man who was “paralyzed” by police in Wisconsin, has sent a video message to well-wishers lying in a hospital bed. There he described his physical condition. He said he immediately had difficulty breathing and felt pain throughout his body. Yet he thinks that life is very precious. And so he urged supporters not to waste unnecessary time.

Disabled Jacob Blake is still in hospital since being shot in Kenosa, Wisconsin on August 23. The police shot him in the back six times. It is doubtful whether Jacob will be able to walk again. The incident intensified anti-apartheid demonstrations in Kenosa. Police took out a rally on Friday in riot gear, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck.

In a video message lying in a hospital bed, Jacob tries to make supporters realize the value of life. That said, there is more to life than meets the eye.

The video was released by Jacob’s lawyer, Ben Crump. There Jacob was heard saying, life is not your life only your life. Your feet are also something that needs to be taken forward in life. (He said shaking his finger) You have to move it this way.

Jacob said that he feels back and abdominal pain all the time. “It hurts every 24 hours, every 24 hours, it hurts a lot,” he said. It is difficult to breathe, it is difficult to sleep, it is difficult to walk from the side, it is difficult to eat. ‘

Calling supporters to appreciate the value of life, he said, “I tell you, please change your lifestyle. We can come together and raise some money, to make everything easier for people like us Anyone can take the initiative. A lot of time is wasted. ‘

Jacob’s video has already been viewed more than four million times on Twitter.

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