French news agency AFP has released a video of the brutal beating of Rohingya refugees in a fishing boat. The video of Rohingyas being beaten up by smugglers was recorded on a mobile phone. It is seen that many Rohingyas, including children, are sitting in a crowded boat and members of the smuggling ring stand among them. When the argument started, one of the smugglers started beating the Rohingyas with a stick.

Rohingya, victims of military repression in Myanmar, often cross the sea in dangerous ways in hopes of a better life. They cross the coast of Myanmar by hand smuggling in fishing boats or sometimes in crowded camps in Bangladesh. They try to reach Malaysia or any other country. Often these boats sink into bumpy seas, killing many Rohingyas. Again, it is often known that smugglers are harassed.

The video, obtained by AFP, shows evidence of the brutal behavior of the smugglers. The boat was carrying 17-year-old Rohingya Usman. “They started beating us because they objected to the food,” said Usman, who took refuge in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. If we asked for more rice and water, they would often beat us. ‘

Usman’s neighbor Inamul Hasan (19) was in a boat at Rohingya camp. He said that when all the Rohingya got angry, the smugglers fled in another boat. At the time, he picked up the phone left by a smuggler.

The video was captured a few days before the incident. The boat began its journey to Malaysia last February. Later, when the Rohingyas were enraged, the smugglers brought the boat back to the Bangladesh coast in mid-April and escaped.

Inamul Hasan said that many Rohingya were killed by smugglers before the riots started. However, the incident was not recorded in the video. “They beat us brutally, tore our ears and broke our hands,” he said.

Inamul and Usman said 46 Rohingya were killed due to violence, starvation and disease. After seeing so many deaths, the rest of the Rohingya sitting in the boat got angry. The AFP could not independently verify their details. However, the news agency has confirmed the presence of Inamul and Usman in the video. Also, the third climber of the boat gave a similar account of the incident.

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