People who take adequate amounts of this vitamin have a 52 percent lower risk of dying from Kovid-19 infection. A new study has revealed this information. As the Daily Mail reported, Boston University’s Dr. Michael Hallick and his team completed the study. They came to this conclusion after testing blood samples taken from the bodies of more than two hundred Kovid patients in a hospital in Tehran.

Vitamin D plays an important role in building our immune system. This vitamin is also very effective in various types of inflammation in the body. Various properties of vitamin D play an important role in the human body in the fight against coronavirus. High levels of vitamin D deficiency have been found in most people suffering from this virus. Experts say that vitamin D can play a very important role in the body of people who have become infected with corona.

Dr. of Boston University A previous study by Michael Hallick found that people who took enough vitamin D had a 54 percent lower risk of coronovirus infection. In that study, he and his team found that people with vitamin D deficiency were more likely to get sick, suffer from a variety of complications, and in many cases die of coronavirus.

In a new study, he and his team found that those who had adequate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies were affected by coronaviruses, but their immune system played a role in building effective resistance against coronaviruses. Reduces the risk of death by 52 percent. Dr. New research is directly proving that vitamin D deficiency is capable of reducing the complications of the disease, Holick says. Reducing the risk of death, especially from cytokine storms and Kovid-19 infections.

Ideal levels of vitamin D are still unclear. However, up to 30 nanograms is considered sufficient. If it is less than that, it is considered insufficient. Dr. Collected blood samples from the body of 235 patients infected with Kovid-19 who were admitted to a hospital in Tehran. Holly and his colleagues. Among these, 6 percent of patients had vitamin D less than 30 nanograms.

The main source of vitamin D is sunlight. It is not yet clear how many people taking this vitamin every day are avoiding corona. However, as far as we know, about 42 percent of people in the United States have vitamin D deficiency. If this information is true, then vitamin D deficiency is one of the leading causes of death in the United States due to coronary heart disease.

There is still debate as to whether to take vitamin D supplements to reduce the risk of coronovirus. However, everyone agrees that this vitamin plays an important role in building immunity in the fight against infection and is able to reduce levels of inflammation in the body.

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