Where is President Putin? According to a Russian media report, he is currently not in Moscow. He wants to make his people believe that.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have rebuilt his Moscow office in the spa town of Sochi on the Black Sea. “Spiegel” reported that, citing a media report from Russia. That is why the president wants to pretend to his people that he is still in Moscow. An exact replica of his office is in Sochi.

The fact that Putin’s official information about his whereabouts is incorrect was noticeable when comparing the flight data. The Russian media claim to have learned from Putin’s area that an office space has been set up in his Black Sea home, Botschkarev Rutschej, which is an exact copy of the office space in his Moscow home, Novo-Ogaryovo. The room was identically furnished with a lamp, table, parquet, pencil holder, telephone and armchair cover.

The background to this is the corona pandemic. Russia is particularly hard hit by a second wave. About 28,000 new infections are reported every day. Although a vaccine already exists in Russia, President Putin has not vaccinated himself against the virus. Russian investigation platforms report that numerous strict security measures have been taken around the president. These measures contradict Putin’s public statements about the coronavirus.

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