Volunteer had trouble with Oxford Vaccine

Oxford recently announced a temporary suspension of the Corona vaccine trial after a female volunteer fell ill. The vaccine maker AstraZeneca said on Thursday (10 September) that the female volunteer had a complex neurological problem after being vaccinated. However, he is slowly recovering. The data comes from a report by the state-run Marcus News State News.

AstraZeneca was forced to suspend the test on 6 September (Tuesday), according to reports, a volunteer fell ill amid the third round of testing. The statement said that the experimental application of the vaccine has been stopped for safety reasons. The next decision will be taken only after investigating the problem.

According to a State News report, on September 10 (Thursday), the company’s CEO Pascal Soroit said in an internal meeting with investors that the woman began to have spinal cord swelling soon after vaccination. Nerve cells cause acute inflammation. He thought to suffer from transverse myelitis.

Sariat said the woman was slowly recovering and was expected to be released from the hospital soon.

AstroGena spokesman Matthew Kent said the woman, who had been diagnosed with the disease, was now very healthy. The cause of the disease is being investigated.

The Oxford ticker trial began in April. The first two vaccines were applied. One of them is a female scientist. Name Alyssa Granato. Then a small number of people are tested for ticks in the first stage. In the second phase, more than a thousand people were vaccinated. Oxford-AstraZeneca was conducting a third phase trial based on reports of first and second stage tests.

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