Von der Leyen’s keynote address on the EU: “An important political moment”

Ursula von der Leyen will deliver her important keynote address on the future of the European Union today. She called for a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and more money for the European health program.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has been giving her first speech on the state of the EU in the European Parliament since 9:23. She called for the European Union’s greenhouse gases to be at least 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. In her speech on the State of the European Union in Brussels on Wednesday, Von der Leyen proposed the drastic tightening of the EU climate target.

She knows that this increase in savings target is too much for some and not enough for others, said von der Leyen. However, the EU Commission’s impact assessment showed clearly that business and industry could handle the tightening. According to them, the goal is ambitious, achievable and good for Europe, said von der Leyen.

In addition, Von der Leyen argued for more power and more money for the EU in health matters. “It is clear to me: we need to create a stronger European health union, it is time,” said von der Leyen. She also said, “This is the time for Europe.”

Proposed global health summit

Specifically, the head of the Commission proposed a new EU agency for biomedical research and development. She also urged the European Parliament to negotiate more funds for the health program “EU4Health”. Basically, you need to talk about health responsibilities. That is a valuable and urgent task for the forthcoming conference on the future of Europe.

In addition, she will propose a global health summit in Italy next year, von der Leyen said. She will issue the invitation together with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who will chair the G20.

The summit should be convened together with the Italian Presidency in the group of the 20 leading industrialized and emerging countries (G20). The European Commission also wants to strengthen the European Medicines Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and establish a European Agency for Pioneering Biomedical Research.

Reunited in the Corona crisis

It is important to ensure that the EU is better prepared for future crises and can respond to cross-border health threats. Von der Leyen once again praised the achievements of doctors and nurses in the Corona crisis and affirmed that, after initial selfishness, Europe has rediscovered the value of common ground.

But the pandemic has shown how fragile and fragile the world is, but also what the European community of values ​​is like. People wanted to leave this uncertainty behind. You are ready for a fresh start. “Europe must now lead the way to turn this uncertainty into a new force,” said von der Leyen.

Extraordinary meeting in Brussels

The meeting was to take place for months in the parliamentary seat of Strasbourg, but was moved to Brussels in the short term due to the corona pandemic. The State of the Union speech is delivered every September by the President of the European Commission. Afterwards von der Leyen answers questions from the EU parliamentarians. She has been President of the European Commission since December 1, 2019.

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