107th Tour de France

Paris (AP) – The sensational victory of Slovenian Tadej Pogacar in the 107th Tour de France on Sunday responded to the international media as follows:


“Le Parisien – Aujourd’hui en France”: “The Champs were Slovenian: the Slovenian flags were raised on the Champs-Élysées yesterday to greet national hero (s) Tour winner Tadej Pogacar.”

“L’Équipe”: “Young and carefree. Just like Laurent Fignon 1983, 21-year-old Tadej Pogacar made history yesterday by winning the tour when he first took part.”

“Le Figaro”: “Tadej Pogacar – lightning-fast climb. The young Slovenian, surprising winner of the Tour de France, turns out to be one of the symbols of an uninhibited new wave.”


“The Guardian”: “Masked team presentations in Nice, positive Covid-19 test for the tour director … it was a strange tour, but the winner looks like he has come to the fore of an exciting young offspring of cyclists.”


“Neue Zürcher Zeitung”: “Tadej Pogacar wins the Tour de France – his performance is spectacular, but not supernatural. The Slovenian finds himself exposed to common suspicions of doping. That’s unfair, his performance can withstand critical analysis.”


“Marca”: “Tadej Pogaçar, it can’t be anyone else. Tour champion, with the yellow jersey, although he only wore it on one day, the last, throughout the entire race. Stage win in the Pyrenees (Laruns), Alps (Grand Colombier ) and La Planche des Belles Filles with a time trial for the history of the Tour de France. (…) Fantastic. How many trips can this boy do? “ITALY:

“La Gazzetta dello Sport”: “Tadej has written his fate in his name, which means something like” brave heart. “The young Slovenian from Komenda, a small village in Alta Carniola, won the 107th Tour de France. Heart and class, he took revenge on the wind that had been his enemy, and yesterday he reversed the tour and fooled the stopwatch on the 36 kilometers from Lure to the Planche des Belles Filles, the ones (kilometers) that changed his life forever . “

“La Stampa”: “The Slovenian phenomenon, 22 years old, wins a Tour de France full of young talent. It is a generation of phenomena. The tour crowned the extremely young Tadej Pogacar king, the great discovery of the 107th Tour. everyone expected a duel between the other Slovenian Roglic and last year’s winner Bernal. “


“de Volkskrant”: Under the heading “Schizophrenic Tour in an empty city”: “The 2020 tour ended in the same schizophrenic circumstances as three weeks ago on the Côte d’Azur. While the number of infections in France continued to grow – now there are regularly more than 10,000 a day – the participants drove from one corona fire (Nice) to another (Paris) … Despite the spectacular outcome of the Slovenian-Slovenian duel, perhaps the most memorable achievement of the tour is the fact that the peloton has made it to Paris at all. “


“Pravo”: “An epic turnaround! Pogacar is the king of the tour – It is sensational, almost astonishing that the Slovenian has been crowned champion of the Tour de France. The professional cyclist, who just celebrates his 22nd birthday today, is the second youngest overall winner of the most famous stage race in the world. “

“Lidove noviny”: “It’s a Slovenian fairytale in the Tour de France: the young Pogacar managed to turn things around in the last time trial.”

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