Astronaut Kate Rubins is the only American voter out of Earth. However, they have protected the civil right to vote. According to US broadcaster CNN, this is the second time Rubin has voted in the US election from the International Space Station (ISS).

Earlier in 2016, Kate also voted from the International Space Station. He went to the International Space Station with two Russian astronauts on October 14 this year. He will return to the world after the US presidential election on November 3. As a result, he had to vote from the space station.

On October 23, a photo of Rubin was posted on the official Twitter page of NASA astronauts. It shows that a voting booth has been set up at that space station. Kate is standing outside.

The United States is currently holding a popular vote as the first step in the election. So far more than 6 crore votes have been collected. It also includes Kate’s vote.

NASA is located in the state of Texas. This is why the Election Office has a special password. This password is used to download the votes of NASA astronauts.

In 1998, the United States passed a law on the exercise of the right to vote from space. In this case, a form is sent via email to vote. Kate filled it and sent it back.

The main voting phase of the US presidential election will be completed on November 3. Democrat Joe Biden leads Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to opinion polls.

NASA says that astronauts must first apply if they want to take a vote from the ISS. They will make all the arrangements after knowing about their desire to vote.

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