A waiter works in a restaurant without a mask. The guests feel disturbed and report this to the police. When they arrive, the waiter reacts aggressively.

In Stralsund, the police were called to a restaurant in the city center because a waiter there served without mouth and nose protection. In addition, the 29-year-old asked guests to take off their masks, police said Thursday. Guests from Hamburg pointed this out on Wednesday evening. In addition, the personal data of the guests was not recorded in the restaurant to enable follow-up in the Corona case.

Waiter attacks the police with his fists

According to the information, the waiter was aggressive towards the officials. The man who lives in Stralsund told police that he did not understand the state government’s measures and refused to provide his personal information. Finally, he insulted the officers and tried to punch two of them with his fist. The police subsequently took him into custody.

A preliminary investigation has been launched against the waiter on suspicion of insult, opposition to law enforcement and attempted assault. In addition, they recorded the violation of the country’s corresponding Corona regulations.

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