An alert has been issued in eight cities in the US state of Texas following the discovery of a rare amoeba in supply water. According to a report on the CNN website, the unicellular free-living creature destroys the brain if it can enter the human body.

Earlier this amoeba named am Nigeria Flory was found in Pakistan. In 2012, many people died due to this in the country. It usually enters through the nose during swimming. Scientific y Nigeria flory is also called ‘eating brain-eating’ amoeba.

The Environmental Quality Commission of Texas said, “Everyone has been asked to take action by contacting officials.” Amoeba mixed in water. Which could have caused serious harm. ‘

CNN states that Nigeria flurry spreads through water. Activates the brain and destroys the nerves. This type of amoeba lives where rivers, ponds, lakes and waterfalls are warm. In addition, such amoebae are also found in soils and swimming pools where industrial water falls. Alerts have already been issued in Lake Jackson, Freeport, Angleton, Brazoria, Richwood, Oyster Creek, Clot, Rosenberg after the discovery of amoebae in Texas waters.

When this amoeba enters the brain, no serious symptoms are seen. Initial symptoms include mild headache, neck pain, fever and abdominal pain. According to the Florida Department of Health, 143 people have been infected with amoeba so far in the United States. Only four of them survived!

Since 1982, there have been 36 amoeba cases in Florida. Scientists say that special precautions should be taken while swimming to stay away from this deadly amoeba. He advised to keep in mind that water cannot enter the nose in any way.

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