Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Sometimes chatting alone isn’t enough entertainment. That’s why the developers of the Facebook Messenger have now come up with the ability to watch videos together in video chat – and call it “Watch Together”.

As examples, Facebook not only cites viral videos, series episodes or movies to have fun or to scare each other together. Fitness videos can also be displayed while chatting to keep fit in the community. You should also be able to view your own uploads.

If you want to try the new feature, you can start a video call in Messenger or create a messenger room. Then you have to go to the menu “Look Together”. Then you can choose videos from different categories, just start videos suggesting messenger or use free text search.

With a Messenger video call, up to eight people can watch videos together. In messenger rooms, up to 50 people can gather for a “watch together” and must be invited via a link.

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