Berlin (dpa) – Long jumper Alexandra Wester was frustrated and reacted with incomprehension to the fact that she was no longer part of the German Athletics Federation in the Olympic year.

The 26-year-old strictly rejects harsh performance criteria, as the DLV’s Federal Commission for Competitive Sports claims, as a reason – and suspects a political background. “If I hadn’t commented on the Corona measures this year, I would definitely be in the squad by now,” said Wester, who is currently training on the Caribbean island of Grenada, in an interview with the German news agency.

“The reasons for the dismantling are inconclusive,” said the currently uninitiated Olympic participant in Rio 2016. “The performance has to count. It’s a shame you’re being dropped like that,” complained Wester, who finished second in 2018 with 6. 68 meters. of the German championships. After a serious injury, she only got on the ‘wrong’ foot to 6.36 meters in 2019.

Another reason, according to Wester, was that she trained abroad. “All my international training camps and the planned DLV framework measures for next year had already been coordinated and agreed with national coach Ulli Knapp in the annual planning meeting,” said the long jumper with a (indoor) top performance of 6.95 meters (February 2016).

DLV head coach Annett Stein cannot understand Western’s argument at all. “No! That’s their perception. The DLV is also very clear that performance criteria have not been met,” Stein told the DPA. “There is no other reason. She last met the selection benchmark in 2017,” the head coach said in the decision.

Wester, recently under contract with ASV Köln, is currently looking for a club. The athlete and her boyfriend, professional basketball player Joshiko Saibou, recently caused a stir with controversial comments on social networks and their participation in a large-scale demonstration against state corona measures on August 1 in Berlin. However, this was not the reason for the selection decision, the union assured in a statement on the Wester case: “With regard to freedom of expression, the DLV has repeatedly emphasized that the athletes’ own opinions are respected, taking into account the role model function.

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