What happens to the surviving eleven-year-old?

During the weekend many people from Solingen mourned the five children who died. Now the research continues: What prompted the mother to act – and what does the eleven-year-old’s future look like?

After the violent deaths of five young children in Solingen, the investigation by the police and the public prosecutor continues on Monday. The focus is on the presumed mother (27), who is said to have anesthetized the children first and then suffocated. A toxicological study should provide more details. The five children cannot be buried until the bodies are released.

Investigators suspect that the single mother of six committed the act in emotional overload after her husband’s divorce. The marriage was broken up, police and prosecutors reported Friday. However, only a detailed examination of the woman can provide certainty about the motive. On Friday she was deemed not to be interrogated. She threw herself in front of a train and was seriously injured. There was no further information about her health over the weekend.

“In such a situation people need time”

The further fate of the eleven-year-old son, the only surviving child of the 27-year-olds, is also open at the beginning of this week. He is currently with his grandmother in Mönchengladbach, but should theoretically go back to school in Solingen on Monday. A spokesman for the city of Solingen said he could hardly imagine the boy going to school. However, the decision rests with the youth care offices in Solingen and Mönchengladbach.

North Rhine-Westphalia State Victim Protection Officer Elisabeth Auchter-Mainz said she had the impression that the boy and grandmother were well looked after in Mönchengladbach. There are many unanswered questions about the future, but first the boy and his grandmother needed time. “In a situation like that, people need time – and this time should be spent with the boy and his grandmother.”

Children found dead in apartment

The family was already known to Jeugdzorg Solingen before the deed. “The family received the necessary support from the city of Solingen. The youth welfare service may also have provided assistance,” the city said without giving details. “At no point were there any findings about abnormalities or a potential risk to the children.”

The children were found dead by police officers on Thursday in their beds in the family’s apartment in the Hasseldelle district of Solingen.

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