The situation in Vienna is confusing after a terrorist attack in the city center on Monday evening. Special forces are looking for other perpetrators. This is known so far about the attack.

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After a terrorist attack on Monday evening in the center of Vienna, a large-scale police operation continues. An overview of what we know so far – and what we don’t know:

  • The police have confirmed it at least six crime scenes in the center of Vienna that are close to each other. Home Secretary Karl Nehammer was the first to say so around 8 pm at a synagogue in Seitenstettengasse was shot dead.

  • In general, the emergency services report more than a dozen people, some of them seriously injured, that are treated in hospitals. Gunshot wounds were treated, but there was also a stab wound.
  • Five people have died so far: four Passers-by were killed in the attack, including two women and two men. Moreover, it was one of the hitmen at the Ruprechtskirche was shot by the police.
  • The alleged murderer was murdered, according to Mayor Ludwig heavily armed. Police confirmed an assault rifle and pistol. In addition, the man was wearing an explosives belt, which later turned out to be a dummy.
  • According to the current state of knowledge possibly other perpetrators on the run. However, this is not certain, said Home Secretary Nehammer. About 1,000 officials are on duty.
  • The murdered bomber’s apartment was searched. There were also arrests, reports the Austrian news agency APA.
  • It is based on an Islamist motif. Interior Minister Nehammer spoke in the morning about clear indications that the “radicalized perpetrator felt a special bond with the Islamic State”. Given the crime scene, an anti-Semitic background cannot be ruled out, Kurz said in view of the location of the first shots at a synagogue. The synagogue was already closed at the time of the attack.
  • The Vienna police asked the Austrian armed forces for support. The soldiers took over property protection in Vienna, so that the police officers can focus on the search for further perpetrators.
  • The entire center of the Austrian capital was largely cordoned off at night. The authorities called on citizens to stay at home and also to avoid the city center on Tuesdays. The students would not have to go to school if they or their parents did not want to.

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