The situation in Vienna is confusing after a terrorist attack in the city center. Special forces are still looking for at least one fugitive offender. So far this is known about the situation.

After a terrorist attack in the center of Vienna on Monday evening, a large-scale police operation continues. An overview of what is known so far:

  • Police have confirmed that there have been at least six crime scenes close to each other in central Vienna. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said the first shooting took place around 8 p.m. near the synagogue on Seitenstettengasse. A police officer was also seriously injured.
  • The emergency services report a total of 15 injuries, including seven serious injuries who are being treated in hospitals. Some injured people are currently undergoing surgery. Gunshot wounds would be treated.
  • The shot policeman was also seriously injured. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says his life is out of harm’s way.
  • One of the hitmen was shot by the police. Mayor Michael Ludwig said it is currently under investigation whether the dead attacker is wearing an explosive belt. An assault rifle was found on him.
  • According to the current state of knowledge, at least one perpetrator is still on the run, Interior Minister Karl Nedhammer said at a press conference shortly after 1 a.m.
  • The motives for the act are currently unclear. An anti-Semitic background could not be ruled out given the crime scene, Kurz said in view of the location of the first shots at a synagogue. “We can’t really say anything about the background yet.”
  • The Vienna police asked for support from the Austrian armed forces. The soldiers will take over the protection of the Vienna property from the police for the next few hours, so that the police can focus on hunting the other perpetrators.

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